All of our policies at Freedom's Journey are framed around the key principles of respect and integrity. Our policies are survivor focused, and we operate with a teamwork mentality.

We understand that all people deserve respect, and those who have been enslaved are no exception. We work with the understanding that each individual survivor determines the path they will take. We are there to help them on their journey by providing them with the available options and resources.

The entire team at Freedom's Journey is committed to the core values of:

  • Integrity - Always being truthful, especially with survivors
  • Competence - Doing all things with excellence
  • Trustworthiness - Maintaining confidences and following through on commitments
  • Non-Competitive - Meeting our specific mission without undermining others or creating redundancies
  • Prayerful - All things must be done prayerfully
  • Team Building - Recruiting and equipping quality, mission-minded, individuals for every position
  • Network Building - Treating other stakeholder organizations with the respect they deserve, at all times
  • Valuing Others - All Others
  • Gratitude/Humility - Acknowledging the contributions of others and giving credit where credit is due
  • Accountability - Accountable to God, our clients, our team members, our partners, our supporters, and our Board members

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