What We Do


To provide better options for individuals, whether male or female, who are being exploited through sex or labor trafficking.

Mission Statement

Freedom's Journey is a nonprofit ministry committed to helping survivors of all forms of human trafficking navigate the journey from slavery to freedom through relationship and collaboration, and to combat human trafficking through education, awareness, and legislation.

Providing Services*

  • Case Management
  • Connections with Appropriate Law Enforcement
  • Advocacy
  • Mentoring
  • Relocation Expenses
    • Safe Transport
    • Lodging and Meals Associated with Relocation
  • Immediate Needs
    • Referrals to Safe Shelter
    • Personal Items
    • Facilitating Healthcare Needs
    • Assisting with Recovery or Replacement of Identification Documents
  • Legal Assistance
    • Referrals to Legal Aid
    • Assistance with Legal Expenses
    • Accompaniment at Court
  • Facilitating Job Skills/Employment
  • Other Services or Resources as Needed

*All listed services are PROVIDED BY pre-approval, according to available resources and consistent with our mission statement.

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