Hard Truths

Hard Truths - But There Is Hope!

Children from towns, cities, and rural communities are exploited and enslaved to fulfill the sexual desires of strangers, in order to profit others, every day in America. And yes, even in your community.

Men and women across this land are enslaved under the brutal yoke of labor trafficking and sexual exploitation as I write this. They are silently living out their days, unseen and unheard.

But there is hope! There are people who care, and God has not forgotten them!

The mission of Freedom's Journey is to combat human trafficking by meeting the needs of survivors through relationships and with innovative collaborations with public and private partnerships.

The mission is clear, and the work is daunting, but there is no better time than right now to bring slavery to an end! This evil must be tackled! And it must be beaten!

Together we can make it happen!

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