Hard Truths

Seen Possible Trafficking

What should you do if you see possible human trafficking?

You've just seen a situation that you think might be human trafficking. You've gone to awareness events, you've been paying attention to your surroundings, and now you see something suspicious. It might be trafficking, but it might not. What do you do?

Should you call someone? Should you ignore it since it's probably nothing? Should you attempt to talk to the people to see if something is wrong? Should you attempt to rescue the possible victim?

Please don't try to intervene or approach a possible trafficking situation. That could place you in danger, and if it is an actual human trafficking situation, you'll almost certainly be placing the victim in additional danger.

Please don't ignore it. True, it could be innocent, but what if it isn't? Let law enforcement know, so they can investigate it.

What you should do:

  • Pay attention to the details, without being obvious (license plate numbers, description of possible victim and trafficker, etc.).
  • Go immediately to a place where you can write down every detail you can remember.
  • Call local law enforcement to give them the details as soon as possible.

If you are uncomfortable calling law enforcement, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline Number instead, at 888.373.7888, and they will call law enforcement. Your vigilance and appropriate actions could save a life!

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